Horror Film | MUIRHOUSE: Its No Place To Be Alone - FULL MOVIE | Found-Footage Collection (2023)


Phillip Muirhouse was on a promotional tour for his book on supernatural phenomena. His publishers scheduled a radio interview inside The Monte Cristo Homestead, known as the most haunted house in Australia. He planned to stay inside the house for one night. The events were recorded in real time on audio devices and motion-activated cameras. By morning three people were dead. This is the footage.

Directed by Tanzeal Rahim
Starring Iain P.F. McDonald, Kate Henderson, Steve Lynch, Libby Ashby
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(Electronic, music), (rattling), (creaking), (tense, music), (beeping) - [Woman] 254, Harbor, Suite, over.

- [254] Copy., Holding., No, worries, over., Copy, social., We've, swept Kent, Street and Angus.


No sign of suspects, over.

- [Woman] Copy.

314, 314, over.

- [314] Copy.

Go ahead.

Central, over.

- [Woman] 314, 314, proceed to Aldune Road.

There's, a possible.

311, over.

- [314] Copy.

Central, is that the Jacobs boy again, over? - [Woman] Copy, 314., Yeah, he's, exposing himself to the retirement home again.


- [314] Copy., En, route.


- [Woman] Suspect spotted on foot outside the Olympic Highway.

Repeat, suspect spotted on Olympic, over., (police car.

Beeping) Suspect is armed.

Proceed with caution.

We have confirmed three dead at Monte.

Cristo Homestead.

Witness does not suspect he has a firearm, but he may be holding handle or cricket.


Suspect is 5'9", male, Caucasian, and not local to the area.

Suspect's name is Phillip Muirhouse.


This date.

He is a suspect, unless otherwise notified.

Proceed with caution.

Confirmed, three dead at Monte.

Cristo, Homestead.

Suspect is 5'9", male, Caucasian, and not local to the area.

- What? Mate.

Mate, are you alright? Mate? What's with the hammer? Give me? The hammer.


Give me, the hammer.


The hammer down.

Give me, the hammer, mate.

Give me.

The ha-- - [Officer] You got him.

You got him? (yelling) - [Cameraman] Action.

- We're ready to go? Can.

We hear that chatter? We could go anyway? Okay.


My name is Phillip Muirhouse.


My name is Phillip, Muirhouse, author and ghost hunter.

I'm gonna go again.

- [Cameraman] And, cut., (clearing, throat) - Hello.

My name is Phillip Muirhouse.


My name is Phillip, Muirhouse, author and ghost hunter.


We go again? (clearing, throat) Hi.

My name is Phillip, Muirhouse, author and ghost hunter.

(chattering) Steve.

Look at the camera, not me.


We set? - [Cameraman] Set.

- [Phillip] How.

Do you think people see us? - One of the things that we in the ghost hunting game have to deal with is public perception.

And? Whenever they hear about ghost hunting, they all think about proton packs and exorcism and things like that.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

If you're trying to experience and capture supernatural phenomena, it's, actually a very serious business.

It's, very technical, very scientific.

Your ghost hunting.

Team is usually gonna consist of two and possibly three researchers.

All of whom have some level of understanding of the technical equipment.

Your video, cameras, your audio recorders, photographic equipment, that sort of thing.

Plus you're gonna have one, maybe two, people with a level of psychic.


There is more than one presence.


Some are friendly.

And some want us to leave.

(Slow, tense, music) Stop., Did.

You hear that? Footsteps., We mean, you no harm.

(camera, clicking), (slow, tense, music) (camera, clicking), (slow, tense, music) (camera, clicking), (slow, tense, music) (camera, clicking), (slow, tense, music) (camera, clicking), (slow, tense, music) (camera, clicking), (slow, tense, music) (camera, clicking), (slow, tense, music) - Built in 1888.

The Monte Cristo was the family homestead of Mr.

And, Mrs., William, Crawley.

William Crawley was a struggling farmer whose fortunes changed when the Great Southern Railway Line opened in 1878.

His wealth.

His family's wealth, increased dramatically and reports are that be became a force to be reckoned with.

More than a pillar of society.

He became a town.


These are a series of photos from the archives taken by visitors at the Monte Cristo.


Crawley also died at the Monte Cristo on the 14th of December, 1910.

He was 69.

He died of heart, failure, blood poisoning.

And it was all the result of a carbuncle on his neck, which was continually rubbing against the starch in the collar.

It's believed that Mrs.

Crawley, after the death of William, only left the house twice in the remaining 23 years of her life.



Herself also died at the Monte Cristo on the 12th of August 1933.

She was aged 92.

And she died of heart.


(chattering) - [Lewis] Hey guys.

Finished with the Freeman Art Dinner.

They had loads of fucking crazy shit.

- [Kate] So Lewis.

What time do you land? - [Lewis] Give me a sec.

Um, I land around two, 2:30., I mean.

If that is, there's, no delays., There, shouldn't, be any.


You picking me, up? - So after a five hour, drive, you won't get there until eight o'clock? - [Lewis] How long is the drive? Five hours? - Yeah, yeah, that's, right, that's, fine., Yeah, that's, right.


It takes about four to five hours to get down there, but it's, a really quiet drive.

You can get some rest on the way.


Not gonna be a problem.

- That means I got an hour, hour and a half on my own.

- Yep.

Yeah, that's right, about four to five hours.

But you can get some rest on the way.


Well, what's going to happen is I'm gonna come and pick you guys, up.

Then, we'll head down to the house, then Phillip's going to have these guys with him.

- Is there any possible way we can reschedule this.

So I don't have to spend that hour, hour and a half, at the house alone? - [Kate] Uh.

Why is that a problem? - Well that's, not a problem, but I just don't wanna have to spend an hour and a half on my own in the house.

- [Kate] Are.

You scared? - Yeah, I'm scared.

- [Lewis] And you're with the crew.

- Alright then., Yeah, that's, right., So, Dan and Marty are going to head off to the cemetery for about an hour, hour and a half.

So by the time they get back, we should be down there as well.

While they're, away.

You can get some diary entries, do a walkthrough.

You know, maybe some shots of the house.

- [Lewis] Hey man.

Just do the intro.



Do the handheld stuff.

- Yeah.

- [Lewis] I'll be the car park upstairs around three.

- Okay then., Well, thanks, Lewis., Call me when you land.

- [Lewis] See, you guys.

It should be fun.

- Bye Lewis.

- [Lewis] See.

You guys.

- So, how much have we shot? - Uh, woo, at the moment.

We've got the interviews.

We've got a heap of research material and just-- - [Kate] Oh, I've got a surprise for you.


One, do you like? - [Phillip] I love? This one.

Steve, can you, in your own words, say something now about buying the equipment that we need? - The internet being what it is, any man off the street.

These days can purchase and find his own ghost hunting, equipment.


You need to do is type in EMF, or night, vision, or ectoplasmic reader into your own search engine and bang, it's.

All right there in front of you.

EVP, for example.

Your EVP recorder is one of the most important pieces of equipment that you can have.

In, effect, it's, really just a digital.

Audio recorder.

EVP is what we call Electronic Voice, Phenomenon.


What happens when you're hearing a voice? But you cannot determine the source of it.

Voices coming out of static on TV screens or radios that aren't.

Plugged in.

Voices coming out of the walls.


White noise), (faint, disembodied, yelling), (staticky, white noise), (faint, disembodied, yelling), (staticky, white noise), The creed acts a kind of guideline, safety rules, to remind professionals and amateurs alike that this is no joke., That we're dealing with the unknown.

And these forces can hurt us., We're intruding on their space, not the other way, around.

Let, the ghosts and spirits know that they are not forgotten.

Always be respectful to ghosts and spirits, as they were once people, and still are for that.


Never tease, dare, or threaten an entity.

For we're ghost hunters, not bullies.


Seek out entities on your own.

Let me say that again: never seek out entities on your own.

Never have addictive habits, drug use, alcohol, cigarettes.

These are all points of vulnerability.

They can be exploited, and used to attack us.

And, most importantly, always have contact with the outside world.

(birds chirping) - [Radio Host] You're listening to Radio 2WG.

Joining us.

Now we have Phillip Muirhouse, author of the brand new book, The, Dead, Country:, Hauntings of Historic, Homesteads.

And, of course, he's here to ghost hunt, Junee's, very own Monte, Cristo Homestead.

Welcome to the program.

This afternoon, Phillip.

- [Phillip] Thanks, Brenton.

- [Brenton] So, let's cut to the chase.

The Monte Cristo gets more ghost hunters here than anywhere else in Australia.

You'd think after so many of you guys visiting here, just one of you would get some actual proof.

- [Phillip] Well, that all depends on what you call proof, I, guess, Brenton., Every picture that anyone takes is debated and analyzed in my book, The, Dead, Country.

- [Brenton] Look, look, I'm, just asking what the listeners might be thinking., I, mean, I understand back in the days when pictures used to be the old analog pictures.

But now with today's high tech night, vision and high definition and also infrared, I mean.

We have cameras that can see in the dark.

We have cameras that can record around the clock.

- [Phillip] Well that's exactly my point.

I mean.

If I'd shown you a picture, we took three weeks ago using today's technology, you'd still argue with it.

If you're a skeptic.

But, our goal is to discover and well, hopefully, capture images that are as close to definitive proof as possible.

- [Brenton] So, tell me, do you believe? - [Phillip] To, an extent.

I, mean, I believe that our lives have a fingerprint, which they leave in this world, and I believe that if you look closely in the right way that you can see those fingerprints.

- [Brenton] You, make it sound positive.


The good we do is what makes, well.

Take Monte Cristo for instance., You know, all the bad stuff that happened.

There, right? It's that kind of fingerprint, is that what you're looking for? - [Phillip] Well, I mean, it can be.

And mostly it is about those intense events that occurred in death.

They're, the ones that leave those fingerprints.

- [Brenton] What's.

The scariest moment, Phillip, that you have ever had in your entire life? - [Phillip] Well, I, don't, scare., I, mean.

My adrenaline will go.


It definitely goes up.

It's like a rush.

And you can feel that there's someone in the room with you, but I don't think that that's fear, you know? In.

My opinion, we don't have anything to fear from the dead.

(Brenton laughing) - [Brenton] And let's face, it, you're, never alone.

I, mean, I.

Guess that helps as well.

- [Phillip] Yes, Brenton.

- We moved into the Monte Cristo in June, about 1963 or four.

And we'd been in the residence about three days.

And we went downtown to get some supplies one foggy evening.

And on the return trip, we turned into the bottom of the drive way, and straightened up towards the house.


As we did, we saw lights coming out of every door and window of the house.

We just stopped and sat and stared.

I felt sure there must have been a burglar in the house.

I didn't, wanna continue.


We sat there for a bit.

And then we drove slowly up through the driveway.


We got through the gate, the lights just abruptly disappeared.

- And.

Did you ever work out what caused this? - No,? But different ones suggested that it was the car, headlights reflecting off the windows and others said, it was perhaps a faulty fuse, but the electricity hadn't even been connected yet.

- Wow.

- Our.

Local priest paid us a visit one afternoon.

And while we were making lunch, he went for a walk through the house, and I went to find him to escort him down to the dining room.

I was coming up behind him.

And he went into the drawing room.

He abruptly backed out.

He made the sign of a cross and blessed himself.

And then he led me off down the stairs in one hell of a hurry.

After that.

We held our first exorcism.

- I'm sorry, exorcism?, (staticky, white noise) - [Man] To, all the spirits who dwell here, be gone.

In, the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, come into the light.

(staticky, white noise) In.

The name of the Fa-- (thumping) In, the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, come into the light.

(staticky, white noise) To, all the spirits who dwell here, be gone.

In, the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, come into the light.


The name of the Fa-- (thumping) In, the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, come into the light.


All the spirits-- (thumping) To, all the spirits who dw-- Jesus! (staticky, white noise) - [Brenton] Okay, we'll.

Take a caller now.

On line.


We got Lucy.

Good afternoon, Lucy.

- [Lucy] Uh, hi Brenton.

- [Phillip] Hi Lucy.

- [Lucy] Phillip.



You think it's a bit wrong to disturb the dead? I mean, the Monte Cristo.

Those poor people died.

So horribly.

Don't, you think that they deserve peace.

Not people nosing? - [Brenton] I'm.

Sure Phillip is here, love, to observe, correct, Phillip? - [Phillip] I do understand your concern, Lucy.

But we do is make contact.


Poor souls, they're, trapped, here., You know, to be their need, to yell out and communicate with us.


We do is just give them mere relief.

You know, a chance to speak out.

- [Lucy] It's, not right.

- [Phillip] We're, listeners, Lucy, not antagonizers.

- [Lucy] It's, not right.

- [Brenton] Thanks very much for your call.

This afternoon, Lucy.

We'll, go to line four now where we've to Paul.

Good afternoon, Paul.

- [Paul] Yeah, mate, that's, one, scary, place, yeah., I, remember when we were kids, we could hear that boy howl.

The one that was retarded, that is.

He'd be banging on the walls at night, howling like a bloody dog.


My ma, used to say to me, "Eat, your dinner or you'll have to take "your plate up there." - [Brenton] The things.

We tell our kids, I mean, to eat their greens.

- [Phillip] Hang on a second.

You're saying they could hear him up there.

And no one went to see what was going on? - [Paul] Oh yeah.

It was a different time.


We all knew the boy was a special like.

You know.

But no one knew he was alone and starving and that.

You know? I mean.

If you do see him, say, sorry from us, okay? - Phone numbers are next to the phone in the dining room.

- Phone number? - Uh, it's on the table next to the dining room.

Next to the phone.


If you open any windows, close them.

- Oh, and we'll do the interviews tomorrow (Phillip drowned out by wind).

- That's alright, we'll, be on time.

- [Brenton] We're talking with Phillip, Muirhouse, author of The, Dead, Country., The book's out in November.

So keep an eye out for that, and Phillip.

This is your last stop.

- [Phillip] We only have to film today and tomorrow actually so out at Monte Cristo, and then we'll have the documentary that accompanies the book all done.

- [Brenton] You know, that's, an interesting hook.

So, each copy of the book will come with a DVD.

- [Phillip] What.

We wanted to do was not only have you read about it, but also have you there with us.

- [Brenton] One.

Last caller, we'll, go to line.

Nine., Good afternoon, Steve.

- [Steve] You think for a second.

The people of this town just might not want to be associated with the horrors that went on at this place? You think you're gonna exploit us and film, Monte Cristo and sensationalize.

All these bullshit stories just to make money from us? We have to live here.


Kids, go here., You think, we're.

Okay, with it? You think it'd be alright to check with us.

Maybe? Do.

You think the people at Auschwitz are happy with that? You think we're, just some sort of (bleeping) freak show?, You're, exploiting torture, that's, what you're doing.

Would, you be happy to live here?.

To, raise a family, here?, Well, I.

Hope, you find what you're looking for out there.

'cause you'll, get yours, man.


You worry, you'll, get yours.

(dial, tone) - Okay.


If you don't anything else, here, do you need anything more from me, paps?, More, shots?, Is.

There, anything?, No?, Well, look, give me time.

How about you guys head off now? See.

You guys back here in about a half, an hour.

I'm sorry, one and a half hours.

Okay., Alright., Well, okay., I'll, leave you to it.

- [Cameraman] Beautiful, mate., (tapping), (rattling), (chuckling) - 10 past 10.

10 past 10., Just, waiting., Still, waiting., (dial, tone, beeping), (dial, tone, beeping) - [Kate] Hi.

This is Kate.

Leave, a message and I'll, try and get back to you as soon as I can.

Thank, you, bye.

- Okay.

(dial tone, beeping) - [Answering Machine] Hi there.

- [Lewis] Lewis.

- Really? - [Answering Machine] Is on the phone right? Now., Please, leave a detailed message after the tone.


You have finished recording-- - Shut up.

10 past 10., You know, what? Let's, kick on.

Let's do this.

Ah., Bill, Crawley., Man of the house.

And here we have Mrs.

Crawley., (banging), God., (rummaging), (camera, beeping), (clearing, throat) Alright.

This is the sitting room.

It's, Mrs., Crawley's sitting room.

What is significant about this room.



This is the sitting room, Mrs.

Crawley's sitting room.

She has come across, in numerous reports, from the dining room, which is just beyond this doorway.

The door is facing each other directly.


She'd come through here when she was alive, to sit in this room and relax.

And of course, look out over the township.


We also have reports of a little girl.

There was a little girl who died upstairs.

And of course, she's been photographed, remarkably, in this window right, here, only meters from where I stand.

So, with the motion sensors on these cameras.

If anything moves in this room, we've got it.

Okay., Wow., This room used to be Mrs.

Crawley's bedroom after she was incapable of making the stairs.

I, actually don't know when it was but, the caretaker found a kitten of theirs in this room years, later, with its eyes, gouged out and its stomach, ripped open., I don't think, I wanna mess with this room.


The stairs.


This is William Crawley's room, where he lived and also where he died.

That's the window there where you can see.

There's a lot of reports people see William in that window, right, there.

But, given that we don't have enough cameras, we're gonna surpass this room, and we're going to be putting cameras is some of the rooms that get more activity on the other side of the house.

This is the girls room.


One of the two rooms I will be setting up cameras, in., Of, course.

This room, and the drawing room.

Both, rooms, uh, have been the location of a lot more sightings within the house.


People see activity, it's either here or in the drawing room.

This room was the sight where by a mother and her child, during childbirth.

Both died.

So, I've got the camera set up now., Now, uh..

People, when they visit the room, they describe a cold, heavy sensation like tension or anger.

I must say, I empathize., I can feel it.

(clearing throat) So.

This is Mrs.

Crawley's, room.

It's, right at the front of the building.

A lot of people will blame its position within the house, right at the front, a lot of wind frontage, as to why it's so cold, but, it's, not., It's, bloody freezing in here., Honestly., Also, Father, Mack, the priest for the house.

He made it inside the room, here, once.

The first time he visited.

Two meters in, turned on his heel, left.

Vowed, never to come back in.

Absolute creeps from the place.

Something, there., Also, there's, been quite a few occurrences over the history of the house, furniture moving on its own., Apparently Mrs., Crawley liked things.

The way Mrs.

Crawley liked things.



Guess she rearranges throughout the evening.

There's, only one room creepier than this within the house.

And that of course, is the chapel room.

Mrs., Crawley's chapel, room.

It's, also the room where she died, passed away.

Leaving, the drawing room.

Making, our way out in front of the balcony to the..

Front of the house.

Now this.

This balcony, of course, extending across the second floor of the house.

Now right here, in the middle of the balcony, you'll see over the edge, there's, some brick stone there that are a little lighter.

That's, because there was a maid and her unborn child.

A pregnant maid was thrown off the edge of this balcony, landing down there.

And of course, when they had to clean her blood out, off the bricks, it stains with the bleach, bleaching to the bricks.

So the bricks, of course, are a little lighter than some of the others.


Our way around the corner.


The balcony does extend around to the side, we're, taught., Okay., Alright., Mrs., Crawley's chapel, room.

Now, just to the left, or actually, directly in front of Mrs.

Crawley's room.

Here are the stairs.


The stairs, of course, are the sight of where a lot of people have been pushed down.

These stairs.

They have felt a sharp thrust at the back of their shoulders and then subsequently sustained injuries from being pushed down stairs.


This is the chapel room, Mrs., Crawley's, domain., Before.

She died.

She would like to pray in this room.

It was quite a special room to her.

Very lovingly restored by the O'ryans.

This is the bed she died on, in fact.

I'm, not sure how I feel about the wallpaper.

I guess it's got its own charm.

More crucifixes.


Just at the other end of the room, past the window, the window that she's frequently seen in, I might add.


Some more Christian.

Some crucifix there and, the Lord.

(banging) (footsteps, running) What.

The fuck was that?.

Hello? What was that? Is.

Anybody here? Nothing.

Nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Hello? (banging), (door, creaking), Hello?, Fuck!, (heavy, breathing), (heavy, breathing), (door, creaking), (heavy, breathing), It's, all good.

(heavy, breathing), (swallowing), God., (heavy, breathing), (door, slamming), Who's, there?, Who's, there?, (heavy, breathing), (screaming), Fuck!, (heavy, labored breathing), (heavy, breathing), Fuck., (heavy, breathing), Oh.

My god.

(heavy, breathing), God., (heavy, breathing), (clicking), (walking), (heavy, breathing), (rattling), (rewinding), (staticky.

White noise) This is crazy.

Unbelievable., Oh, Jesus., (grunting), (banging), What.

The fuck? Oh, my God.

(banging), (banging), (rattling), (banging), (banging), (banging), Who's, there?, (banging), (banging), (banging), (heavy, breathing), (creaking), (rattling, doorbell) Where are ya?.

(Door, opening), (door, closing), (creaking), (door, opening), Who's, there?, Who's, here? What, are you trying to say to me? Do? You want me to stay? Do.

You want me to leave? (banging).

Fuck, fuck! Who is that?.

(Banging), (grunting), (creaking), (heavy, breathing), (heavy, breathing), This, fucking house., (mumbling) I've been doing this 10 years, and I have never had an experience like I have just.

This is direct contact.


I just heard a door.

The, noises., This is.

This really is something else.

Where are you.

Kate?, Alright., I'm, still waiting for the rest of my crew to arrive.


This activity.

(dial tone, beeping) (dial, tone, beeping), Come, on., Where's that bloody car? (dial tone, beeping) - [Kate] Hi.

This is Kate.

Leave, a message and I'll, try and get back to you as soon as I can.


You bye.

- Kate, get your ass here, right? Now.


This house is something else.

I have made more than direct contact.

We've got doors slamming, phenomena.

I can't, even explain.

Feelings, like you wouldn't know, and, just bloody get here.


My god.

(heavy, breathing), Alright., (clearing, throat), Alright., Alright, so, um, I'm, still on my own.

I'm here at a phenomenal haunted-- (phone, ringing), Kate., Kate, I, can't, hear you.

You're gonna need to speak up, Kate.

Kate, if you're driving, can you stop the car,? Please darling, I can't, hear a bloody word, you're, saying., Come, on., (phone, dial beeping) - [Kate] Hi.

This is Kate.

Leave a message and I'll try and get back to you soon as I can.

Thank, you-- - Jesus! Fucking shit., (heavy, breathing), Jesus., Fuck., (heavy, breathing), (banging), (glass, shattering), (heavy, breathing), (heavy, breathing), (heavy, breathing), (rattling), Who's, there?, (heavy, breathing), (heavy, breathing), (clicking), (heavy, breathing), (piano, note, playing), (heavy, breathing), (slow piano, playing), (heavy, breathing), (slow piano, playing), It's, all good., (heavy, breathing), (heavy, breathing), (phone, ringing), (heavy, breathing), (screaming), No., No!, No!, (shrill, dial tone) - [Answering Machine] Leave.

Your message after the tone.

- [Kate] Hi, Phillip., Sorry, we're, late, I, know.

We've been trying to reach you.

We'll be there in 20 minutes.

Just saying.

It just changed height.


There, soon., (beeping), (heavy, breathing), (clearing, throat), (heavy, breathing) - Oh fuck., Who's, there?, (banging), (gasping), Fuck., (heavy, breathing), (banging), (banging), (banging), (banging), (banging), (banging), (banging), (banging), (banging), (banging), (heavy, breathing), (banging), (gasping), (heavy, breathing), (door, creaking), (heavy, breathing), (hitting), Shit., (staticky, white noise), (yelling), No, no!, No!, No!, Stop!, What?, (yelling), Leave me, alone! Leave me, alone!, Please, leave me.


Leave me, alone.


My god.

I'll just go, I'll.

Get out.


(White, noise), (door, creaking), (slow, tense, music) - [Kate] Please.


My god, I need help.


Help me.

(slow, tense.

Music) There's, two dead., There's dead.

Oh, my god.

(slow, tense, music) I, don't, know., Oh.

My god, he could be here.

(Slow, tense, music) I, don't, know., I, don't know where he is.

The guy, the guy, he was here., Monte, Cristo, Homestead., Homestead near Junee.


Help me.

(slow, tense, music) Monte, Cristo, Homestead near Junee.

Please, please., (crying), (slow, tense, music) There's, two dead., Two dead.

Oh, my god.

I, don't, know.


My god.

He could be here.

I, don't know where he is.

The guy., The guy who was here.

(slow, tense, music) Oh.

My god, please hurry.

(Sobbing), Please, hurry., (slow, tense, music) (phone ringing in the distance) (banging) Phillip?, (banging), (phone ringing in the distance).


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found footage, in film, a cinematic technique in which some or all of a narrative film's shots are presented as if they were recordings of nonfiction events that have been discovered and relayed to the audience with little or no mediation.

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What was the first found footage film? ›

In filmmaking, the 1980 cult horror feature Cannibal Holocaust is often claimed to be the first example of found footage. However, the Orson Welles directed The Other Side of the Wind, a found footage movie shot in the early 1970s but released in 2018, predates Cannibal Holocaust.

What is the new movie like the Blair Witch Project? ›

Critics Are Raving About 'The Outwaters', Calling It the Next 'Blair Witch Project'! Now in limited theaters across the country is The Outwaters, our latest genre offering that calls back to The Blair Witch Project by the way of Event Horizon.

What is the scary movie with hidden cameras? ›

"13 Cameras" is a suspenseful horror film that tells the story of a young couple, Ryan and Claire, who move into a new home in the suburbs. Little do they know that their landlord, a creepy and voyeuristic man named Gerald, has installed 13 hidden cameras throughout the house, which he uses to watch their every move.

What is the horror movie about hidden cameras? ›

13 Cameras (2015) - IMDb.

Is there any real found footage movies? ›

Without further ado, here are the 15 very best found footage movies ever made, from the standard-bearers like “Blair Witch” and “Cannibal Holocaust” to under-seen low-budget wonders like “Lake Mungo” and “Be My Cat: A Film for Anne” to bonafide blockbusters like “Paranormal Activity” and “Cloverfield.” Plus, there's ...

How do I find free archival footage? ›

Need Free Public Domain Footage? Here Are 14 Great Sources
  1. Prelinger Archive. ...
  2. The Moving Image Archive. ...
  3. The Public Domain Review. ...
  4. Pond5's Public Domain Project. ...
  5. The National Screening Room. ...
  6. PublicDomainFootage. ...
  7. National Park Service B-Roll Archive. ...
  8. The National Archives: Motion Picture, Sound, and Video Holdings.
Oct 15, 2021

How to find vintage footage? ›

Archival & Historical Footage Video Sites
  1. American Indian Film Gallery. Vintage motion pictures offering rich perspectives on the American Indian experience. ...
  2. American Memory Collection. ...
  3. American Rhetoric. ...
  4. British Council Film Collection. ...
  5. British Pathé ...
  6. CBC Digital Archives. ...
  7. C-SPAN Video Library. ...
  8. EUscreen.

What is the oldest color film footage? ›

The first animation film with the three-color (also called three-strip) system was Walt Disney's Flowers and Trees (1932), the first short live-action film was La Cucaracha (1934), and the first feature was Becky Sharp (1935).

What was the first ever movie filmed? ›

1888. In Leeds, England Louis Le Prince films Roundhay Garden Scene, believed to be the first motion picture recorded.

What is the oldest film ever made and when was it made? ›

The first motion picture film is believed to be Louis Le Prince's Roundhay Garden Scene. This film was recorded in Leeds in England in 1888. It is approximately 2 seconds long and shows some of Louis Le Prince's family members walking around a garden.

Is The Blair Witch Project even scary? ›

The Blair Witch Project is a suspenseful horror sensation for teens and up, even more unsettling watching in silent darkness, but can be too scary for anyone. If you liked this review, check out the full review and other reviews at aussieboyreviews.

What kind of scary is The Blair Witch Project? ›

The website's consensus reads: "Full of creepy campfire scares, mock-doc The Blair Witch Project keeps audiences in the dark about its titular villain, proving once more that imagination can be as scary as anything onscreen".

Is The Blair Witch based on The Blair Witch Project? ›

The backstory for the film is a legend created by Myrick and Sanchez which is detailed in The Curse of the Blair Witch, a mockumentary broadcast on the Sci-Fi Channel in 1999 prior to the release of The Blair Witch Project.

What are the characteristics of found footage horror? ›

3 Characteristics of Found Footage Films
  • Choppy footage: The characters as “filmmakers” may capture the footage in a juvenile manner. ...
  • Scares: Often, found-footage films are horror films that employ scares through supernatural forces quickly appearing in the frame and then vanishing to excite and terrify audiences.
Aug 4, 2022

What is the difference between found footage and analog horror? ›

Found footage is entirely told from the first person and can do so in any variance in video and audio quality, shot on old film or HD cameras. Analog horror is much more specific in its stylistic choices and narrative ideas.

Is found footage a subgenre of horror? ›

Found footage is one of the most infamous of all the horror subgenres. It's become so packed with cheap, stupid, and just downright bad pictures that it has become offputting to viewers to even attempt to source a diamond amongst the excessive rough.

What is the difference between mockumentary and found footage? ›

Think of the set-up of both films and notice the difference. One is raw, barely edited footage, shaky movement and no narration. The other is sit down interviews, clips and voice-overs. While I love found footage to no end, I love horror mockumentaries a little bit more.

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