daily mass canada youtube (2024)

  • Celebrate the Holy Mass daily at St. Patrick's Cathedral, America's Parish Church. Mass is streamed Monday - Friday at 7:00AM, Saturdays at 8:00AM and Sundays at 10:15AM.

    https://saintpatrickscthedral.org/give - Support St. Patrick’s Cathedral as we work to bring the Holy Spirit to your homes every day.

    http://http://spcgift.org/ - Visit the St. Patrick’s Cathedral Gift Shop and make your online purchase today!

  • Warming Faithful Hearts. The NCBC provides access to the Daily TV Mass as a way for our community to stay near to the Church and our Catholic Faith.

  • This is a short daily podcast, where we go through an exegesis of the gospel reading from the current day's Mass.
    The Catholic Church teaches that in order to understand the Scriptures, we must start with the literal sense - in other words, how the original hearers of the text would have understood it.
    That is our aim in this podcast - to help understand what the gospel writers (and more importantly, Jesus) were intending to communicate in today's reading, as well as providing links to the Catechism. Each episode is short and designed to be listened to before or after attending daily Mass.

  • Readings of the Gospel from the Traditional Latin Mass for every day. I am using “The Saint Andrew Daily Missal”. Imprimatur Jos Van Der Meersch 1945. I am also using “The Roman Missal (1962)” Most Reverend Fabian W Bruskewitz, DD, STD, Bishop of Lincoln. Saint readings are taken from “Saints for Young People for Every Day of the Year”. Imprimatur Richard Cardinal Cushing Archbishop of Boston 1963. For the descriptions, I am using the Online Douay Rheims Bible to paste the Bible readings and read along. There are also good footnotes in this interpretation

  • Catholic Radio Network presents the Daily Homily from Father Kevin Drew.

    This is the homily taken from Father Drew's live mass, which can be heard on our website CatholicRadio.com weekdays at 11:00am Central Time.

  • Listen in every day as Dr. Tim Gray, president of the Augustine Institute and Catholic Scripture scholar, comments on the daily Catholic Mass readings, explains the Scriptures, and provides concrete ideas on how to apply them to daily life. These Catholic reflections focus on living the Catholic faith and learning to know and love the Lord through our daily endeavors and participation in liturgical worship.

  • Experience a true Daily Lectio Divina which allows the listener to enter a contemplative time of prayer. Taken from the Gospel reading of the day from the Catholic celebration of the Mass.

  • The Daily IVE Homilies are homilies by our Priests at the Institute of The Incarnate Word (Instituto del Verbo Encarnado) based on the daily Gospel readings of the Catholic Church. The charism of the Institute of the Incarnate Word is the grace to know how to work concretely so as to extend the presence of Christ in families, education, the mass media, the scholarly, and in all other legitimate manifestations of human life.

  • Welcome to Lectio Divina Reflections. Part of my daily prayer as a Catholic, lectio divina has helped me grow closer to God and to the way that I practice my faith. The reflections result from time in prayer with daily Gospel readings from the Mass for each day.What is lectio divina? Lectio divina is a way of reading Scripture, originally part of a monastic practice by Benedictines in the 6th century. It is a way of praying through God's word that leads us into a deeper relationship with him. Support this podcast: https://podcasters.spotify.com/pod/show/lectio-divina-daily/support

  • I started this podcast during the pandemic when I was recovering from treatment for cancer. I found that it was hard to find an audio version of today’s Mass Reading. At the time it was also hard for some people to get to Mass so I thought what can I do to help? This podcast brings you the readings from the Catholic lectionary for today. I hope that you find this podcast inspirational.

  • Daily Catholic Mass homilies by Fr. Daniel Healy, Director of The Anawim Community. For all who are interested in gaining a deeper insight into the daily Mass readings of the Catholic Church. Learn more about The Anawim Community at www.anawim.com.

  • Sharing Daily Mass Readings, Reflections and Novenas of the Catholic Church.
    Also sharing other Prayers & Devotions to help you make a deeper connection with our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Listen & Pray along with us while you're driving, jogging, walking, cooking, sleeping, in your leisure time and whenever you feel like talking or praying to God please come back here.

  • A daily podcast where you can hear today's Mass Readings, a reflection from a clergy member, and beautiful sacred music.

  • Learn more about how a man can grow in happiness at EveryCatholicMan.com, including daily Gospel devotions from the Mass for every day of the year. The EveryCatholicMan.com podcast can help a man draw closer to Jesus Christ, learn the Catholic faith and grow in happiness by becoming a better Catholic Son and Catholic Father. In every episode, a man can hear the Gospel reading from the Holy Catholic Mass, hear what Jesus is accomplishing, discover what can lead a man to be more awed by Jesus Christ, grow in happiness, learn from the Catechism, and take action to practice what Jesus and the Catholic Church is teaching in the Gospel. Matthew James Christoff is a Catholic convert and evangelist of Catholic men. Matthew's extensive work to help Catholic men draw closer to Jesus Christ and grow in happiness can be found at EveryCathoilcMan.com. At EveryCatholicMan.com can find daily Gospel devotions from the Mass for every day of the year and a comprehensive set of tools that can help a man grow in holiness and happiness. Matthew is a co-founder of the Catholic Men's Leadership Alliance and HeroicMen.com, the founder of the New Evangelization Project and CatholicManNight.com, and is featured in the Knights of Columbus Into the Breach Video Series. Matthew's professional career includes being a strategy consultant for Fortune 50 companies and a brand manager in a major consumer products company. Matthew has a Masters in Theology from the Augustine Institute, a Masters in Business and a Civil Engineering degree from Purdue University. Matthew is married to his childhood sweetheart, has four married adult children and grandchildren.

  • Podcast that explains Christianity from a Catholic perspective, updated daily with selections from the Liturgy of the Hours, Mass Readings, Daily Rosary, Scripture Readings, and a Live Podcast.

  • POINTING TO THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD is a podcast which provides food for the soul. It provides weekly spiritual nourishment. It's contents includes a combination of scripture readings at Mass, daily office psalms, reflection from readings, meditation and prayers of the faithful from various sources with help of some angelic music in the background. Due to the demands of modern life, Christians and Catholics in particular often complain that they are unable to find time to attend mass or pray the daily office. Listening to this podcast not only softens the blow but also provides you with a great tool to help you pray and develop that beautiful relationship with God. This podcast helps to bring home the message that we are loved unconditionally by God the Father, Jesus our brother and God the Holy Spirit of truth as members of God's family. Therefore, it's our duty to share this good news with all in the way we live our lives - in love, mercy, kindness, compassion and forgiveness as our God Father, son and Holy Spirit are with us. POINTING TO THE SAVIOUR OF THE WORLD with Patrick Tifu is an easy, meditative, reflective & prayerful listen that you wouldn't want to start your day without. Rest assured you will enjoy it. Stay safe and God bless.

  • PWTorch DailycastBusiness, Sports 30 May

    PWTorch Dailycast features a line-up of seven weekly shows, with a new episode on each day of the week with a different focus. The lineup currently features shows dedicated to NXT, ROH, and AEW, plus MMATalk for Pro Wrestling Fans, Wrestling Night in America covering pro wrestling's biggest events including including post-WWE PPV live call-in post-shows, a weekly Deep Dive on a single topic, and our newest series looking back at a week in pro wrestling as covered in a Pro Wrestling Torch Newsletter back issue from 30 years ago that week.

    Become a supporter of this podcast: https://www.spreaker.com/podcast/pwtorch-dailycast--3276210/support.

  • The ReactionNews, News Commentary, Politics 5 Jun

    Sarah Vine and Andrew Pierce bring their own insight, opinion and reaction (clue is in the title) to the biggest stories of the week.
    To get in touch email [emailprotected], you can leave a comment on Spotify or even send us a voice note on WhatsApp - on 07796 657512 start your message with the word 'reaction'
    Presenters: Sarah Vine & Andrew Pierce
    Producer: Mark Machado
    Editor: Chelsey Moore
    Production Manager: Vittoria Cecchini
    Executive Producer: Jamie East
    A Daily Mail production. Seriously Popular
    Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

  • Un lieu bienveillant et paisible où l'on parle de sujets divers touchant les femmes, la maternité, et le quotidien. Du lifestyle quoi.💁🏽‍♀️

    Vous pouvez également me retrouver sur ma chaine Daily Iss sur YouTube pour (re)regarder nos premières vidéos ainsi que sur mon Instagram DailyIss afin de me suivre au quotidien, assister aux lives et également aux sondages.

  • I’m Sarah Fraser, host of The Sarah Fraser Show. TSFS is a daily podcast that features my hot takes on pop-culture and shows like #sisterwives, #90dayfiance, #housewives, and more. A variety of guests including reality stars to a p*rn star who is now a pastor, and discussions of all kinds. Mix in my personal life and here we are!

    You can see me weekly on Fox 5 DC, nationally on Lifetime’s Married At First Sight ‘After Party,’ and ‘Couples Couch,’ and Bravo. TSFS has been featured in People.com, Dailymail.com, PageSix.com, and more. I'm glad you're here.Xo, Sarah

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daily mass canada youtube (2024)
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