Can the Outer Banks Cast Finish the Outer Banks Line? | React (2023)


The cast of Netflix's Outer Banks tries to finish each others' lines from the show.
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Can Outer Banks Cast Finish The Outer Banks Line? | React


- Hey! It's, the cast of Outer Banks.

- And we're gonna see if we can finish our own line., ♪, (upbeat, techno, intro), ♪ - (React) Since.

You are the stars of Outer Banks.

We thought it'd be fun to see how well, you know your own show.


What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna show you some iconic lines from your show and some maybe lesser known lines from your show, and we're gonna see if you can finish the line.

- I know.


- Just I can't breathe, sometimes.

- Look, I don't, even mind.

- What? - It's just the rules.

You know? - I got it.

- (React) Oh, Chase's hand, went up first.

- It's just like no Pogue-on-Pogue macking.

You know? - (laughs) - Not.

The "you know." (chuckles) - (laughs) - If.

You didn't say, "you, know,".

The answer was wrong.

- (React) All right, let's, see if Chase's right.

- The Pogue-on-Pogue, macking.

(ding) - (React) Chase is in the lead, coming in hot with one point.

- That's probably all I'm gonna get.

I'm gonna be honest.

- It's so beautiful.

- Pretty cool, huh? - Why do I, get the feeling I'm.

Not the first girl you've brought here? - You think I bring..

- (React) Madison? - All.

My random hookups to my secret spots? (laughs) - (React) Anybody else.

Wanna challenge her answer? Or.

Did she get it? - Does? He bring JJ there? That should be said.


You think I bring JJ here?" - I think that's what it was.

"You think I, bring JJ"-- - I think that's more.

So what it was.

He was like, "Do.

You think I'll bring all my"-- Yeah, I think I-- I, don't know, if it's random hookups or something different, but..

- All.

My random hookups.

- (React) Let's see.

- You think I bring all my random hookups to my-- - You think I bring JJ up here just to hook up? (chuckles) - Yeah.

- You think I bring all my random hookups to my secret spot? (ding) - (Jon) Whoa! That was acc-u-rate! - Corpses cry, too.

You know.


They secrete fluid from their eyes.

- Can you maybe not compare my feelings..

- (React) Jonathan? - Can you maybe not compare my feelings to secretion? More like discharge., (laughs) - (laughs) - Pope's awkward line.

- Technically, it's discharge.


What she said.

- Exactly, it's discharge.

- Can you maybe not compare my feelings to secretions? - (React) Well, done., Well, done.


We have one point each for Trace, Madison, and Jon.


Not on the board yet.

- (Jon) Rudy? - We're working on it? - (Chase) Come on, buddy.

- (React) We'll see., We'll see.

- Do I look like the type of person to fall for Sarah Cameron? - Uh, do you-- - (React) Rudy? Rudy, I saw your hand.

- Do.

You want us to answer that? - I'm, pretty sure he's right.

- "Me" to answer? No.

You say, "us." - I think it's, "us." I think it's "us." - You say, "Do, you want us." I think it's "us." - All right.

- (React) All, right., Let's, see., Let's, see.

- Do I look like the type of person to fall Sarah Cameron? - Uh.

Do you want us to answer that? (ding) - (claps) - Nobody has answered their own line, yet, and I think that's, great., ♪, (upbeat, interlude), ♪ - (John) What.

Did you do JJ? - I got a jet going..

- (chuckles) - (React) Jonathan, I saw the hand.

- I got a jet going right up? My butt.

(chuckles) - Ah, no, no, no!, That's, not it! Not it! - It's, not it? I got two jets going.

- Going-- it's going-- - I got a jet going right? Up..

- (React) Madison? Madison? - I got two jets going right up my butt or something like two or more, right? - Going straight up.

My butt right? Now.

- I got a jet going straight up.

My butt right? Now.

(Ding) - I always thought you said, butthole., So, this is new to me.

- (laughs) - 'cause.

You kinda roll.

It together.

You're like, "I got a jet going straight up.

My butthole right, now." - Yeah, I can see hearing that too.

♪ (upbeat, interlude) ♪ - Oh, [censored].

Let's, throw a rock at it? - What?! - (Kiara) That's.

A really good idea, actually., Let, the..

- (React) Chase? - No.

No, no., I, retract my-- - (React) Madison? - Let.

The axe murderer know, we're here.

- That's a really good idea, actually.


The axe murderer know that we're here.

(ding) - That's a classic Kiara delivery.

- Totally.

Just like dry.

- Just the deadpan.

- Like I, don't know, why I'm friends with these guys.

- Yeah.

- And.

The actual subtext is like, are y'all stupid?, ♪, (upbeat, interlude), ♪ - I gotta say, I'm.

Just a tad uncomfortable with all of this.

- Thank you! - When are you not uncomfortable? - (Pope) Well, I, don't, know., I rode here on the..

- (React) Chase? - I rode here on the back of JJ's bike.

And it was pretty comfortable.

(buzzer) - Ooh.

So close.

- Are.

We getting really technical? - Yeah, we're, getting technical.

You got technical with me.

We're, getting technical.

So close, but not quite it.

- Somebody else can take that.

I'm in the lead.

- And I was pretty comfortable.

(buzzer) - (React) All right, Rudy? - Yeah, "I rode here on the back of JJ's bike and I was"--.

It wasn't pretty.

"I was comfortable.".

It was just comfortable.

(buzzer) - There's, no "I, was." I rode here on the--.

Do you wanna know what it is? Or you wanna let the tape go? I'll, take the point.

I'll, take the point.

- (React) Take, the point! Take, the point! - Like, "I, don't know.

But I wrote here on the back of JJ's bike, pretty comfortably." Exact delivery.

- Pretty comfortably? - Pretty comfortably.

- Yeah, exactly delivery.

- (Pope) I, don't, know., I rode here on the back of JJ's bike, pretty comfortably.

(ding) - I was fully convinced that I knew what was going on.

And my life is a lie.

♪, (upbeat, interlude), ♪ - So.

The accuser is a big shot, developer, kind of lord of the island, got the governor on speed, dial kind of person.


The accused is John B, who is..

- (React) Jonathan? This'll be for the tie.

If you get it right.

- John B, who is basically a homeless 17-year-old boy.

(chuckles) - (Rudy laughs) - And.

The accused is John B, who is..

pretty much a homeless 16-year-old boy at the moment.

- Oh.

He said, 16., (buzzer) - 16.

- Ahhh, 16! - I should've said, it! I was like it's-- - Ahhh, it's 16! - You can say, 17, this season.

I think you had a birthday.

- It's.

This season.

Yeah, I think you're, 17, this year.

- I'm more along the lines of my birthday happened in seven days, so..

- You know, what?, I'm mad, because I knew it sounded-- I really knew you said-- - There was something a bit of about it.

- I knew you said, 16.

But you were really confident! Tsk! - (Rudy) I didn't, even know, my own line.

- (Jon) Dammit.

Well, as long as you don't get the point, I'm happy.

- No one gets that point.

- (React) No.

One gets a point, but Madison is the winner with three points! - Oh, wait.

That was the last question? Oh, no! - I gotta be honest, more times than not.

They know my lines before I know, my lines, so I'm, very thankful for all of you here, because without you, I am nothing.

- That was dark.

I mean..

- Yeah, I mean, you're, something.

- That's John.



Never remember my lines.

- My favorite moment.

When Chase struggled was the first season when we were on the boat, and he's like, "We're gonna turtle in the storm, JJ! - (laughs)" - (laughs) "We're gonna turtle." - "Go 16th east by northwest south coordinate quadrants." - You feel like a tough man-- tough, man-- tough guy., - You're a tough guy.

- I'm like an old car.

Okay? It takes me a second to get my engine.


- (React) All, right, guys.

Well, before we go, I have one last line for you to finish.

Outer Banks season, two is..

- Streaming on Netflix, right? Now., Check.

It out.

- Outer Banks season.

Two is a lot of fun to watch.

(chuckles) - Outer Banks season.

Two is absolutely.

Positively wild! - It's right around the corner.

- (laughs) - (laughs) It's like up.

The street.

- Outer Banks is right around the corner.

- It's like on the East Coast somewhere.

- Take a left.

Take, a left.

- If.

You take a left, down..., Yo, guys.

Thanks so much for having us.


Hope you had fun.

- Be sure to check out season two of Outer Banks on Netflix.

- Thanks for watching, everybody.

Bye! - (Sarah) Promise me.

You won't do anything stupid.

- (John) Well.

Sarah, Cameron, I do stupid things all the time without realizing it.

- (Sarah) I'm calling the shots now., I'm, driving., I, can't, drive stick.

- (John) Got it.


Can the cast of Outer Banks surf? ›

Most of the stunts were done by the cast, and they had to go through a few weeks of boating, diving, swimming, surfing, and some boxing training before filming began.

Do the Outer Banks cast live together? ›

Netflix's new YA series, Outer Banks, follows a band of tight-knit teens on a dangerous treasure hunt in North Carolina. Much of the story relies upon their chemistry as a group — something the actors built by living together in the same apartment complex during filming, star Chase Stokes, who plays John B, told BUILD.

Are Sarah and JJ siblings? ›

They're friends, but they're not close. It would be this funny glue that neither of them would've ever expected to be the siblings they never had.”

Where do all the Outer Banks cast live? ›

Filming location: Although Kildare is an imagined place, the Outer Banks are real barrier islands in North Carolina home to coastal sites including Dare County and the town of Kill Devil Hills. However, the series films primarily around Charleston, South Carolina.

How much do the Outer Banks cast members get paid? ›

The cast of our fav Netflix show are reportedly paid between $20k and $40k per episode, so they're clearly not doing too badly for themselves. Plus, in the last couple of years loads of them have been in big other shows and films, and Outer Banks really is just the start of their massive careers.

Why don't they film Outer Banks in Outer Banks? ›

There were intentions to film Outer Banks in the real-life Outer Banks area – Wilmington, North Carolina – but Netflix decided not to film there in the end. The reason was due to the state's House Bill 2 legislation which requires transgender people to use the bathroom belonging to the sex they were assigned at birth.

Are Kie and JJ dating in real life? ›

Kiara and JJ are best friends but have always had a flirtatious relationship. In fact, JJ has even tried to get together with Kiara in the past but was denied. They've been there for each other in their most challenging times and are very protective of each other.

Are JJ and John B friends in real life? ›

Becoming JJ

The CREW • Pankow said the actors who portray main characters JJ, Kiara, Pope and John B are friends in real life.

Are the Pogues friends in real life? ›

From posing with each other on red carpets to meeting fans and even reuniting to film a second season — which premiered on the streaming service in July 2021 — the actors have proved to their show's fans that they really are the Pogues in real life.

Are Rafe and Sarah twins? ›

Rafe and Sarah are siblings and both members of the dysfunctional Cameron family. They have a very chaotic and complex relationship.

What does JJ stand for in OBX? ›

Three seasons later, and the best reasoning behind why JJ is called “JJ” is that it's to differentiate him from John B; specifically that his name is also John: John J. Maybank.

Is Wheezie Rose's Daughter? ›

Julia Antonelli plays Wheezie, the youngest daughter of OBX villain Ward Cameron. She's also the younger sister of other OBX villain Rafe and Pogue convert Sarah as well as the stepdaughter of low-key villain Rose Cameron.

Do any celebrities live in Outer Banks? ›

The Outer Banks' most beloved celebrity resident was actor Andy Griffith, famous for his roles on The Andy Griffith Show, A Face in the Crowd, and Matlock, to name a few. Andy lived on Roanoke Island and was often seen at the Ace Hardware, local restaurants, or the Island Pharmacy.

What does OBX stand for? ›

OBX stands for “Outer Banks,” which is a popular tourist destination in NC. The Outer Banks is a string of barrier islands that stretch over 200 miles along the North Carolina coast, and it's known for its beautiful beaches, historical landmarks, and unique culture.

What is the meaning of Pogue? ›

In military slang, pogue is a disparaging term for military members who do not engage in direct combat or those who are not on the front lines of combat. The term may have origins in antigay slurs.

Who is the richest actor in Outer Banks? ›

Well, according to Pop Buzz, Chase Stokes' net worth $650,000, which makes him the second richest cast member of Outer Banks. The cast member with the highest net worth is his ex-girlfriend, Madelyn Cline, who is worth $800,000, according to Gossip Gist.

Who is the richest person in Outer Banks? ›

According to Gossip Gist, Madelyn Cline's net worth around $800,000, which makes her one of the richest cast members in Outer Banks. (Her ex-boyfriend, Chase Stokes, is worth $650,000, according to PopBuzz.)

Who is the youngest obx cast member? ›

Madison Bailey as Kiara “Kie”

Madison Bailey is one of the youngest cast members, but she's only about one year older than her co-star Jonathan Daviss.

Where is John B's house located in real life? ›

The location of John B's Shack has eluded fans. However, a set designer did confirm it was on John's Island. Unfortunately, it is only viewable by boat in a residential neighborhood in the Seccesionville Historic District of James Island.

Where did they shoot Outer Banks? ›

Shem Creek, Mount Pleasant, South Carolina

The show features plenty of sun-soaked scenes on the water, and many of them were filmed along Mount Pleasant's Shem Creek.

What island was Outer Banks filmed on? ›

Morris Island, South Carolina

One of the islands just below Charleston, Morris Island, was used to film the marches and shipwreck scenes from Outer Banks.

Did Kiara sleep with a Pogue? ›

In the middle of the party, they decide to go off and they end up having sex on a beach. In the next episode, after John B's court hearing, Pope makes another move on Kiara and she tells him that they'll talk about the sex later. After John B got out of jail, Kiara brings up their hook up.

Is Kiara a kook or a Pogue? ›

Although she doesn't actually live in the Cut, Kiara is an honorary Pogue and one of the OGs due to her close friendships with John B, JJ and Pope. She lives in Figure 8, but she hates everything that the wealthy stand for. Much to the dismay of her parents, she prefers the reckless lifestyle of the Pogues.

Did John B and Sarah break up in real life? ›

Outer Banks co-stars Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes have opened up about what it was like playing couple Sarah and John B on-screen, after they broke up in real life.

Is rafe in love with kiara? ›

Rafe and Kiara are occasional partners in crime, more often enemies who possibly had crushes on each other as kids. Rafe has stated that he always liked her.

Who does Kiara end up with in Outer Banks? ›

For now, though, we can all bask in the joy of seeing JJ and Kiara come together in the end, and worry about their future in this series at a later time. Outer Banks is available to stream on Netflix.

Are Rudy and Chase friends in real life? ›

Chase Stokes, Madelyn Cline, Madison Bailey, Rudy Pankow and Jonathan Daviss play best friends on Outer Banks, which has translated into strong real-life bonds between the actors.

Who are the original Pogues? ›

Band history

Shane MacGowan (vocals), James Fearnley (accordion) and Spider Stacy (tin whistle) were the original members of the Pogues, in the days when they busked on the streets of London.

How old are they supposed to be in Outer Banks? ›

Although the characters are mostly said to be around 16 years old, the cast is (unsurprisingly) much older than that. This fact, of course, isn't exactly breaking new ground, since most actors who play teenagers tend to exceed the age of their characters by a pretty substantial number of years.

Who is the oldest of the Pogues? ›

Chase Stokes as John B.

This means that Chase Stokes is about 10 or 11 years older than his character, making him the oldest of the Pogues.

Is Rose the mother of Wheezie? ›

Rose Cameron

Rose is married to Ward and stepmother to Rafe, Sarah and Wheezie.

Who is Wheezie Cameron's real mom? ›

Cameron is the absent mother of Rafe, Sarah, and Wheezie Cameron. It has also been theorised that she could possibly be the birth mother of JJ Maybank.

Is Wheezie Sarah's half sister? ›

Sarah. Sarah and Wheezie are sisters, and the closest of all three siblings. They both trust the other and Wheezie covers for Sarah when she sneaks out of the house. When Wheezie thought Sarah was dead, she missed her very much and was ecstatic when she found out that Sarah was still alive.

Why does JJ hold his chest? ›

It's a rough season." Pankow was actually a step ahead of the writers when it came to outwardly displaying JJ's internal struggles. Early on in season 2, he made the decision to physically show how the usually reckless and carefree JJ's stress manifests by clutching his chest in high-pressure scenes.

Why is OBX 16? ›

Parents need to know that Outer Banks is a teen drama about a local mystery and the young people who are trying to solve it. It's on the edgy side, with strong language, underage drinking and smoking, and generally illegal behavior by minors.

What does Kiara call JJ? ›

JJ and Kiara share many cute moments from her calling him “Jayj” to them both sharing a kiss at the end of the season.

What is Wheezie a nickname for? ›

Outer Banks on Twitter: "Are you ready? Wheezie.. is a nickname for Louisa.

Are Wheezie and Sarah full siblings? ›

Wheezie Cameron is the younger sister of Sarah, the rich girl who, of course, becomes embroiled with the show's lower-class protagonists. There is no further explanation for her name—this 13-year-old neither breathes with difficulty nor looks like Lil Wayne.

Does Rafe have a mental illness in Outer Banks? ›

But since then, Rafe, 53, has lived with bipolar and schizoaffective disorder, a difficult journey compounded by profound failures in the system charged with caring for him and many others who live with mental illness.

Why was Outer Banks not filmed in NC? ›

Initially, one of the show's creators initially envisioned the show being filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. However, because of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation passed in 2016, the streaming platform opted against it.

Why is Outer Banks filmed in South Carolina? ›

If you visit the Outer Banks, you'll have a hard time trying to find some of the iconic locations from the show. That's because the show was filmed in Charleston, South Carolina. According to the Wilmington Star News, the show moved filming there due to “anti-LGBTQ legislation dating back to 2016's House Bill 2.”

Who is the most popular Outer Banks character? ›

Outer Banks: Every Major Character, Ranked
  • 7 Rafe.
  • 6 Topper.
  • 5 John B.
  • 4 Sarah.
  • 3 Kiara.
  • 2 Pope.
  • 1 JJ.
Apr 20, 2023

What does kook mean in Outer Banks? ›

In surfing slang, a "kook" is a wannabe or a poser who can't hang with the real surfers. You can see how the Outer Banks writers borrowed that term for rich kids who wanna be beach locals but don't get it. This term is more or less safe to use around non-OBX fans. It also just means an odd or eccentric person.

Why is his name John B in Outer Banks? ›

It's not merely his friends or his teacher looking to differentiate him from John D., John P., and John T. John B.'s social worker — whom he meets with because he's basically a child living alone — refers to him this way. The cops call him John B.

Why are they called kooks in OBX? ›

In surfing slang, a "kook" is a wannabe or a poser who can't hang with the real surfers. You can see how the Outer Banks writers borrowed that term for rich kids who wanna be beach locals but don't get it. This term is more or less safe to use around non-OBX fans. It also just means an odd or eccentric person.

What does POG stand for in Outer Banks? ›

What is a Pogue? In short—if you're a Pogue, you live on the south side of the island, also known as The Cut. The Pogues are the working class people, waitering, cleaning boats, running charters for the rich.

How to dress like a pogue guy? ›

In real life, the Pogue style could be compared to the surfer or VSCO style. Basically, keep things summery. That means you'll be wearing jean shorts, swimsuits, tank tops, crop tops, lots of jewelry and accessories, and hopefully sunscreen.

Is Outer Banks based on a true story? ›

The story in the series isn't based on facts, but the creators, twin brothers Josh and Jonas Pate, used their experiences visiting the Outer Banks when they were children to build the story. True or not, it makes for a great storyline for this series, and the mystery surrounding the treasure seems real to viewers.

Did they use stunt doubles in Outer Banks? ›

The school shared on Facebook that alum James Jenkins ('15) is featured in several scenes of season 3 of Netflix's hit "Outer Banks." They said Jenkins acted as a stunt double for two main characters, JJ and Topper.

Do people swim in the Sound Outer Banks? ›

Can you swim in the Sound? Yes and no. While it is safe to get in the sound water, adults may find it difficult to swim since the water is shallow (knee to waist deep) in most locations. There are parts of the sound that have deeper channels but these are typically frequented by boats.

Did John B do his own stunts? ›

The stunt-double for Chase Stokes, who plays protagonist John B in the hit Netflix series, was tragically killed in a hit and run accident on Tuesday, July 6, in Charleston.

Are Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes still friends? ›

Yes, it appears Madelyn Cline and Chase Stokes are still friends or at least cordial with each other.

Did Outer Banks actually film in the Bahamas? ›

The Caribbean island—and a mansion that you can actually rent on it—was used in the second season to portray the Camerons' vacation home in the Bahamas. Although the Outer Banks is off the coast of North Carolina in real life, the production was filmed in Charleston, South Carolina.

Why couldn t they film Outer Banks in NC? ›

Initially, one of the show's creators initially envisioned the show being filmed in Wilmington, North Carolina. However, because of anti-LGBTQ+ legislation passed in 2016, the streaming platform opted against it.

Does Outer Banks actually have Pogues and Kooks? ›

In Outer Banks the main players are split into two groups: the Pogues and the Kooks. They're kinda like Sharks and Jets, without the dance-fighting. (Though who knows what Season 3 might bring!) Down in Outer Banks, North Carolina, the Pogues seriously hate the Kooks and the Kooks seriously hate the Pogues.

What is the quietest town in Outer Banks? ›

The towns at the center of the Outer Banks — Rodanthe, Salvo, and Buxton — are much quieter than the towns to the north.

Has a house washed out to sea in the Outer Banks? ›

A home on North Carolina's Outer Banks collapsed into the surf and is spreading construction debris along Cape Hatteras National Seashore, according to the National Park Service. The home, at 23228 East Point Drive in Rodanthe, fell midday Monday, March 13, and vanished into the ocean after dark.

Why are the waves at the Outer Banks so big? ›

During the main swell season in winter (November to March), the Outer Banks gets swells from North Atlantic low pressures, generating surf from any where between 1 to 10 feet in height. Summer can have long spells of flat surf broken up by small wind swell days.

Who was the wealthiest stunt double? ›

According to The Guinness Book of Records, Robinson was the highest-paid stuntman who received $100,000 for a single stunt. This he performed when he leaped from the top of the world's tallest free-standing structure, the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada.

Who is Kiara's stunt double in OBX? ›

Bailey's sister is her stunt double on Outer Banks.

Another hometown tie Bailey shares with the Netflix series—her older sister Katie is her stunt double.

Who is John B's girlfriend in real life? ›

Stokes—who is best known for playing John Booker Routledge in Netflix's Outer Banks—dated Cline (who plays John B.'s love interest, Sarah Cameron) from 2020 to 2021. Since then, he's been linked to singers like Kelsea Ballerini and model Izabella Metz.

Who is JJ from Outer Banks dating in real life? ›

He's been in a relationship with film photographer and assistant on OBX, Elaine Siemek since November 2020. They met on the set of the teen series and things moved right along from there.

Does Chase Stokes have a gf? ›

Chase Stokes is currently in a relationship with country music singer Kelsea Ballerini. The pair first stirred up dating rumours in January 2023 after they were spotted together at the College Football National Championship Game together in LA.

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